Genia Castro

Account Manager

"And then there was Genia.  Her mind a pathway of hidden crossroads that reveal her kindness, sensitivity, and beauty.  Her strength, both in head and heart emits an energy that echoes in through peoples lives.  I would not tame her, her depth is unfathomable.  She is truly a wild beauty. #thanksgenia! Your grace and passion is an inspiration that I'm eternally thankful for. I love you with all my heart. You are the first and last best part of my day." – Aaron

In her own words…

For me, family is it. My family is my foundation. From my mom, I’ve learned strength and compassion. From my stepdad, I’ve learned ingenuity and perseverance. I get my boisterous laugh from my dad. My brothers have been my best friends since the moments they were each born. My stepsisters have taught me to embrace being unique and never give up on your dreams. I get my faith and dedication from my grandparents. And from my aunt and cousin, I’ve learned to be brave and stand up for what I believe in. Without them all, I’d be lost. Family is the reason I am who I am and I do what I do.


I want to document how much your kids grow every year with real and candid family photos. I want to capture the moments (big and small) in life that take your breath away. No two love stories are alike and I want your pictures to reflect the real passion and raw emotion that comes from marrying your best friend. Nothing makes me feel alive quite like being able to help you tell your story through pictures.

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Genia Castro

Mountains, please.

Aaron Waller

If we live in our minds, why can't we go on vacation there too?

Montana photographers for couples and families who love to get outside, explore, and be themselves. Always willing to travel for the perfect shot and epic adventure. 

Billings Wedding Photographers, servicing all of Montana, especially cities throughout the Rocky Mountains and central plains. This includes but is not limited to: Red Lodge, Billings, Bozeman, Missoula, Butte, Livingston, Helena, Great Falls, Kalispell, Miles City, Whitefish, Big Sky and beyond.